Donald Dinnie

 Donald Dinnie


Inducted in 2002

Dinnie was one of the first sporting superstars of modern times. As a professional sportsman, he won over ten thousand contests including wrestling, hammer-throwing, putting the stone, caber-tossing, weight-throwing, running, hurdles races and jumping. Dinnie's fame was widespread. He was the model for the athletic figure that advertised the popular soft drink,'Irn Bru', and during the First World War (1914 - 1918), heavy artillery shells were nicknamed 'Donald Dinnies'.

  • Dinnie dominated the Highland Games from 1856 to 1876
  • He could lift a seventeen stone man above his head
  • He carried two boulders across the width of the bridge at Potarch, no-one has been strong enough to carry them back

Image from Gordon Dinnie

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