Wyndham Halswelle

 Wyndham Halswelle


Inducted in 2003

Halswelle was a prodigious competitor on the Scottish and international scene, on one occasion winning four international championships in an afternoon and creating two national records in the process. He is still the only British male to have won gold, silver and bronze in Olympic individual events. The gold in 1908 was the most famous - and the most controversial. During the final an attempt was made to run Halswelle off the track, and the race was stopped and re-run. The American runners boycotted the re-start, resulting in a victory for Halswelle and a 16-year split between the British and US authorities.

  • Olympic gold medal, 400m, 1908
  • Olympic silver medal, 400m, 1906
  • Olympic bronze medal, 800m, 1906

Image from The Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum

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