Catherine Brown (nee Gibson)

 Catherine Brown (nee Gibson)


Inducted in 2008

Born into a family with a strong background in swimming (her father worked at the local swimming pool and her two brothers were heavily involved in water polo), Catherine was destined to continue the family tradition and take to the water.
Despite having a full-time job as a clerk, Catherine still managed to train for eight hours a day. This absolute dedication to her sport served her well – throughout her 16-year career, Catherine achieved 29 UK records.
In the 1947 European Championships, Catherine won silver medals in the 400m freestyle and the 100m backstroke,
and a bronze in the 100m freestyle relay.
A year later, she made her first ever journey to London for the 1948 Olympic Games. Leaving behind her family, who were unable to make the trip because they could not afford the journey, Catherine went on to win a bronze medal in the 400m freestyle in the Empire Pool, Wembley. It was to be Britain's only swimming medal at the 1948 Olympic Games.

Olympic bronze medal, 400m freestyle, 1948
European Championship silver medal, 400m freestyle, 1947
European Championship silver medal, 100m backstroke, 1947
European Championship bronze medal, 100m freestyle relay, 1947

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